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👋 Hi, I'm Zsolt

I’m a design founder who sold his startup and working as a Director of Product @ Hotjar. I also work with technical founders and help them grow & win through great design & strategy.

Design & Strategy

I help you level up your company's design output and turn design and impactful driver of growth.

Together, we'll develop a clear and effective strategy that will generate more revenue and increase valuation.

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Work experience & key learnings

Director of Product & Hotjar


PingPong's life continues here, now as Hotjar Engage ↗. We're now part of the Hotjar product family as a user interview and user testing platform.

2022 — Now

2016 — 2022

Founder & CEO @ PingPong

UK / Remote

Bootstrapped PingPong to a successful exit. We built a UX research SaaS to make user interviews easy & fast. We remained small & lean ~8 people and worked with big clients like Nestlé, Dropbox, McKinsey, Zapier and many more.

2021 — 2022

Head of Web & Design @ IPinfo

US / Remote

I lead the customer facing part of the company while going through massive growth. I hired designers & engineers and built the team to build our website & dashboard. Worked with people from 4 continents while the company grew over 100% YoY.

2017 — 2018

Designer @ Redash

Israel / Remote

I worked with Arik (the founder) as part of our 3-men team. This is the place where I first worked with open-source and enjoyed every minute of this amazing SaaS product. I worked on the product & marketing design, helping & supporting future growth. I only stayed with Redash for a year as I decided to focus on PingPong. Later on, Redash was acquired by Databricks ↗.

2013 — 2016

Designer @ Hanno

UK / Remote

We worked with various clients around the globe like IBM, Uber and many small startups. I learned a lot from my peers and grow a lot as a designer. We share a lot of great memories from the team trips we did to Buenos Aires, Sri Lanka, Valencia and Croatia. Hanno was a truly special company and the place where PingPong started.

2009 — 2013

Designer @ ChemAxon

I started working for ChemAxon as their first designer. We grow from 40 to 150 people within a few years. I laid down the foundations of UX design within the company. Design and UX evangelisation was big part of my role.

2009 — 2014

Founder & Co-CEO @ Nextserver

We built and sold a domain registration & webhosting company with my university friend. A great early-career exercise to jump into entrepreneurship and learn the basics of it.

My Remote Gear Recommendation 🛠️

I'm very picky about my gear & tools. I've spent a lot of time trying different things and experimented with various hardware and software. I collected the best that worked for me and sharing them with you.

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