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I help technical founders build & grow their business

Design & Strategy

Together, we'll develop a clear and effective strategy that will generate more revenue and increase your company's valuation.

Let's see how 👉

About you

You're a technical founder with a valuable product & great team (small or big). You realise that you don't know everything and you could use an ally who can help you with design & strategy.

You already know the importance & value of good design but your don't really know how to get started & win.

What can you expect working with me

Together, we'll analyse your current situation, break down barriers and strategise around potential success paths. I'll help you create a design strategy and execute it through strategic advisory and consulting.

I’ll help you drive change in your business. This includes weekly calls with me where we’ll uncover the current challenges, map out a roadmap and I’ll help you execute.

About me

I’m a design founder who sold his startup and now working as a Director of Product @ Hotjar. Having experienced the daily struggles of running a business, I can be a helpful ally in helping to grow and move your business forward.

Zsolt needs to improve his cable management

Throughout my career, I have worked as a consultant with various technical founders. I have recognized that my passion and experience for design and business is a unique combination and a valuable asset that can be very impactful.

This is why I have decided to continue working with technical founders. I can help them grow their business in a meaningful direction and build better performing businesses. As a result, this help growing revenue and company valuation.

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